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CareCapital presents low vacancy for SSV13

Several years with high demand for good affordable housing in Nyborg has given a very low vacancy for all apartments in Campushaven

CEO Nikolai Røjkjær recently presented the results for the property at Campushaven in Nyborg and as expected there is high demand for the apartments that are affordable.

“We are pleased to be able to meet the demand for good affordable housing in Nyborg and we look forward to the second stage of construction in Campushaven which will secure even more housing.”

It is expected that the 30 new apartments will see the same low vacancy as the current 60 apartments. In 2020 the vacancy rate was at 0% for the 60 apartments already in use.

Second stage of construction at SSV13 Campushaven

Next stage will be an expansion of Campushaven with two additional apartment blocks which consist of 22 apartments of 80 m² and 8 apartments of 40 m².

The housing is prefabricated in the factory in Vissenbjerg by DOMU ApS. When finished all apartments will be delivered to the building site and finished with a facade and roof solution.


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