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UN World Goals

This is how we contribute to the global goals through investment and sustainable real estate development.


Here you can read more about how CareCapital's values and initiatives on sustainability are in line with the UN's global goals.  

Overall, the UN's 17 World Goals are the most ambitious plan in human history. Their total of 169 sub-goals is about solving many of the world's biggest problems.  

Among other things, we must eradicate poverty and hunger, ensure greater global equality and achieve a sustainable world economy. The plan is for the World Goals to be met by 2030.  


No. 9  |  Industry

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Together with DOMU ApS, we support the goal of building robust infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and supporting innovation.  

Basically, it's about getting our society to function in a smarter way. It is about inventing new methods to work more sustainably in the world's factories and companies, so that we use the resources more efficiently and more environmentally sensibly.

When we build with DOMU, we use a "cradle to cradle" concept where we focus on recycling and reusing all materials. Through LEAN production and flow, we have also ensured that material waste is reduced by up to 90% compared to traditional construction.  

DOMU housing units can be mounted on top of existing buildings, which makes it possible to reuse space. The load-bearing structure is made of steel rather than wood and thus DOMU helps to preserve our forests.


No. 11  |  CITIES

Sustainable cities and communities

By 2030, we must make urban growth more inclusive and sustainable, with better opportunities for all countries of the world to plan cities and settlements in a more integrated, sustainable and inclusive way.

This means that all people must have access to safe housing with necessary facilities and at an affordable price.  


This goal is precisely one of the ideas behind DOMU housing units, because with this construction method you can ensure good affordable housing for the general population. DOMU homes are disability-friendly and focus on creating the framework for a good home.

The construction method also makes it possible to rent out the homes at a very affordable price. By 2030, everyone must be guaranteed access to suitable and secure housing at an affordable price with access to basic services.

CareCapital has documented investments in good affordable housing which is in great demand in selected growth cities. It ensures the locals access to housing at an affordable price and ensures investors a very low vacancy rate and security in their investment. 



Responsible consumption and production

The production method of DOMU prefab housing is a sustainable way of creating homes, since all parts of the construction are reusable and can be taken apart. 

The factory has also reduced construction waste by up to 90% to the great benefit of the environment. If it is desired to incorporate DGNB certification in the construction, DOMU can deliver a product that contributes significantly to a good score.  

CareCapital focuses on our partners producing housing according to a sustainable and responsible method, so that our properties can contribute as sustainable parts of society.  

In order to obtain a DGNB certification, a building or urban area must be evaluated on the basis of a number of criteria within the five main areas of the DGNB; environmental quality, economic quality, social quality, technical quality and process quality.



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