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Care Capital has a solid portfolio of properties in, among other places, Odense

A safe investment

Real estate has always been an interesting investment object and historically, real estate has provided a higher return relative to stocks and bonds.

A sensible risk diversification of several assets results in a lower risk and a higher return on the overall portfolio.


Real estate investing as an inflation-neutral investment also provides extra gains when real estate prices rise, which is not included in our investment case - all for the benefit of the investor.  

Real estate investment is a long-term value-secure investment, where indexation of leases means that the investment gives rise to an inflation-linked return.  

Investment in real estate is sought after in the large growth cities in Denmark, where there is low vacancy risk and increasing demand for residential rental properties. 

✓ Attractive return

✓ Low investment risk

✓ Supplement your investment portfolio

✓ Inflation-proof investment


✓ Administration is handled by us

✓ We ensure low idle rent  

✓ Allocation right to vacant homes

✓ Own real estate without the hassle

Viser en lejlighed

Property and rental administration

We are happy to provide a complete solution for your real estate investment, which means that rent collection, moving in and moving out, ongoing operation and maintenance are handled by us.  


You thus do not have to stand for anything yourself and can enjoy that your real estate investment is in safe hands.  

We have documented low vacancy rates on our residential properties and we always work to provide the highest value for the investor and ensure a favorable return.  

The advantage for you as an investor is that you avoid the time-consuming work associated with the operation and administration of rental properties.  

It requires focused work to ensure a low vacancy rate and operate the properties in a way that provides benefits for the investor.  

Property development

In order to optimize the earning potential and maximize the return, renovations and improvements to the properties often have to be carried out.  ​

CareCapital is part of a group with two companies in the construction industry, DOMU ApS and SkanKon ApS, which respectively. produces prefabricated homes and handles property development.

We thus have the competencies to carry out the optimal property development and ensure the highest value creation for the investor.  

We are specialists in optimizing and future-proofing leases through active value added. We have many years of experience in leading profitable construction projects right to the door and ensuring a solid return for the investor. 

Fliser et tag

✓ Homes with attractive locations

✓ Optimization of the investment potential

✓ High demand in growing cities  

✓ Structured exit strategy


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